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Ukraine Protests - picikimi - 02-19-2014 19:42

There hasn't been a discussion about the protests, so I thought I would open a thread. I think everyone knows already about it.
So what do you think about it?
This video is quite good:

RE: Ukraine Protests - PARADOX1911 - 02-19-2014 21:02

I think these protests are horrible. People are dying and this just has to stop. It's going like this for way too long already.

PS: A friend of mine is from Kiev.

RE: Ukraine Protests - picikimi - 02-19-2014 23:23

Is he/she OK?
and yeah, kind of sad that none really helps the people

RE: Ukraine Protests - PARADOX1911 - 02-20-2014 00:26

Yes she is but she said that 18 people were reported dead again and that the overall situation is extremely tense...

RE: Ukraine Protests - picikimi - 03-03-2014 23:54


RE: Ukraine Protests - PARADOX1911 - 03-04-2014 00:06

That's sick... Hope there won't be another war.

RE: Ukraine Protests - _RattleSN4K3_ - 03-04-2014 16:06

I guess there is already one, but no one wants to call it like that.

RE: Ukraine Protests - PARADOX1911 - 03-04-2014 16:39

Saving Private PARADOX1911. Chocked_2