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Intellectual Property Act 2014
10-06-2014, 19:04 (This post was last modified: 10-06-2014 19:08 by TKBS.)
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Intellectual Property Act 2014
Intellectual Property Act 2014

- Great new because i can now legally remake an Unreal parody


Why is this cool?
- this quote is a good summary
Quote:" In particular, if the infringing design has "material" differences to the registered design, there will be no criminal liability. "

How does it make it legal to remake Unreal (or any game)
The term Parody is a very loose term, Law students and layers/ barristers will be able to provide a more suitable definition as to what the law regards to be a "parody", but it usually infers a sense of irony.
- If the project fails or looks worse than it did in 1998, that'll be enough irony i think LOL


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