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Steam CRK request
10-30-2015, 14:20 (This post was last modified: 10-30-2015 14:54 by TKBS.)
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Steam CRK request
Tired of steam and its Bullshit?

- i would say "join the club" - but if the answer is yes then you are already in...
  • Please provide safe links to 100% working CRK's
  • Cracks only i.e. NODVD NOSTEAM
  • No need to drop links - Use the Private Message System [PM]
  • Make requests
  • Provide Full info (see notes)
  • Other cracks/ no dvd fixes with config changes can also be included;

Full Info should include;
  • Status_________= [Tested] [Untested]
  • Version Number_= [x] [x.1] [LATEST]
  • Crack type_____= [Steam] [CD] [DVD]
  • [Portable]_____= ... Portable means that the game does not require crack.



Requests: Please can someone provide me with these cracks:
  • Bioshock 2 [I Purchased on steam]
  • Bioshock 3 [I Purchased on DVD]
  • Portal 2 [I Purchased on DVD]

- i have tried many versions for all of my requests using my genuine purchases and none of them work. Sad Help!

Please do not post naughty links or game ISO's Unless it is for the purposes of education or because of Version issues. (e.g. if people own a game on steam which is forced to be version []) and people want to play version 1.0

- This is nothing to do with Piracy.
p.s. fuck steam

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