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PS4 Hacked :)
11-10-2016, 12:19 (This post was last modified: 11-10-2016 12:23 by TKBS.)
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PS4 Hacked :)
PS4 Hacked (again- but better?)

Looks like linux and Super Mario Bros is running on the PS4 v4.01

- I think this is the current OS shipped with the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro consoles
- 4.05 Is available on PSN, but it is new and you do not get forced updates, so i assume all shipped/ Boxed PS4 PRO Consoles available to buy can be hacked.
- I think this happened in October


Rumour has it that the 4.05 update is a result of the Team giving/ informing Sony of the exploit Sad

Random thoughts

- If a link for this hack can be found i will happily test it.
- If it works im gonna swap my PS4 for a PS4 Pro and test it

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