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Server Rules
07-18-2009, 01:49 (This post was last modified: 06-01-2013 20:59 by PARADOX1911.)
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Information Server Rules
The following sets of rules apply for all people playing on our server.
Admins should notify players violating any of the rules below before acting. Breaking those rules multiple times may result in a ban. If all warnings get ignored, the following behaviour may result in a kick.

Behaviour which may result in a kick:
  • Excessive spawnkilling
  • Camping
  • Glitching (moving to a for regular players unattainable location as a flagcarrier, ...)
  • Inappropriate behaviour (which includes permanent insults)
  • Switching to opposite team in order to unbalance and destroy the gameplay

Instant bans for:
  • Cheating in order to gain unfair advantages (Aimbots, Radars, Hacks)
  • Racism

  • Respect other players, if you wish to continue being a player of our server
  • We have zero tolerance for racism
  • Instead of complaining ingame, report problems here
  • Insulting an admin is a bad idea. Doing so in your native language might get you kicked/banned even faster.
  • Playing on our server is a privilege - not a right. Depending on the situation, we might kick/ban you for illegitimate, insufficient or private reasons as well.

  • Complaining about warnings might just give you another 10% warning

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